About Us

Silverely is a part of Menua Jewellery which had been established in 1996 as a small silver jewellery production company. Up to this date we went trough different phases and now we have a wide collection. As a result of this to introduce our self to a wide crowd of people we have started to work with gold jewellery as well as silver jewellery.

Silverely has been showing its existence with art, quality and customer satisfaction. By constructing a bridge between the past and the future, our branch carries the brightness of silver from the past up to now, finally gains the appreciation of its customers.

We have a 100 m2 working place. 6 people working in production. 3 people working for sales department. Total workers : 9 people.

We have the ability of 3D designing , printing and hand made wax molding.

We can also create your new designs very fast and serve you choosen items in completely hand made.

As a principle our productions are controlled well and served in high quality finish.