Returns Policy

Company Principles : 

Special Orders  ; produced each product is  an order and you can not return your orders back if there is no harm and no technical problem. 

Sized and stone changed items can not be returned back. 

You are able to make change for some items in your orders if you ve bought over 1000$ and you look for a change on some of them. This is possible for the %20 of this order which is for that order only. (Shipping Costs on both sides belong to our clients and we do not accept items & packages held in any  customs while returning back : the return of any item has to be informed to us and you should follow the directions we will give to you before transporting back any of the items.) Each order is changable for it self. All products you wish to send back to us has to be sent back in very good conditions and there should be no harm  , no  scratches  , stone should not be broken or scratched , no extra oxidation on product , should not be used by an end client , should never had been sized , should not be washed in ultrasonic machines ,  should not be polished by an other firm , company , atelier.